How To Unlock Your Android Device

How To Unlock Your Android Device

Step 1: Replace/Insert card you want to use into the phone.

Insert the Sim Card that you want to use in the device.  Each device is different, some sim cards are behind the battery if your phone has an external battery. A lot of newer devices will have a sim tray located usually on the side of the device. Some phones require a Sim Ejection Tool to replace the card. You should have received on with the device. If you require assistance with this please contact us.

Step 2: Restart the device.

Completely restart the phone with your new sim card in the device.

Step 3: Input Unlock code when prompted.

Input the unlock code you received in your email. If the code fails on the second try. Do not attempt to enter it again. Contact us right away using our contact form or call us during business hours.

Step 4: Your Phone is now unlocked, enter APN Settings if needed.

Once the code is successfully entered, your phone is unlocked. You can use any provider that works with the device. There is no need to unlock the phone again if you decide to switch providers with this device in the future.

If your phone is not receiving a Data signal you may need to enter APN Settings. You can find instructions on how to do that on our APN Settings page. Please note that the APN settings we list are only for Canadian providers.