How To Unlock Your iPhone

Step 1: Power off the iPhone and replace the sim card.

Power off the device completely. To replace the sim card you will need a Sim Ejection Tool. You should have received this with your device. You can also use the end of a paperclip or something similar, just use caution.

Step 2: Power the device back on.

Once you power the device on, you will be prompted to go through the activation process again. Swipe to continue.

Step 3: Select your Language.

Select your language and continue.

Step 4: Select your Region

Select your Region/Country

Step 5: Connect to your Wifi network.

Connect to your Wifi network.

Step 6: Enable or Disable Location Services

Enable or Disable Location Services.

Step 7: Set Up As New iPhone or Restore From Backup

This option will only appear on brand new iPhones or an iPhone that has been reset. If your phone is not new, you will not see this screen. Continue to next step.

Step 8: Login or Create an AppleID

Login to your existing Apple ID or create a new one. If the phone has “Find My iPhone” enabled, you will be prompted to enter the Apple ID you had set up on the iPhone upon its first activation. Contact Apple Support if you have issues remembering your Apple ID. Your Mobile Inc. cannot retrieve this info for you.

Step 9: Enable or Disable iCloud

Enable or Disable iCloud

Step 10: Enable or Disable Find My iPhone

Enable or Disable Find My iPhone

Step 11: Enable or Disable iCloud Keychain

Enable or Disable iCloud Keychain

Step 12: Enable or Disable Siri

Enable or Disable Siri

Step 13: Enable or Disable Diagnostics

Enable or Disable Automatic Diagnostics Reporting to Apple.

Step 14: Enable or Disable Touch ID

Enable or Disable Touch ID.

Step 15: Completed

Your phone should be unlocked and connecting to your new network. If you just activated your sim card, you might need to wait up to 24 hours for activation to process (unless stated otherwise by your provider.) If your unable to connect to the network, contact your provider first. Be sure to check the national blacklist if the phone was purchased from Kijiji, eBay or similar websites. If you are having issues you can contact us.